War News Radio headline sources


Here are some of the headlines we have been watching for the War News Radio newscast this week. Did we miss anything?

Mubarak’s trial enthralls the Arab world but poses troubling questions
Mubarak trial: Toppled dictator denies all charges 
Mubarak trial – the defendants and the charges

Egyptian army retakes Tahrir Square 
VIDEO: Police dismantle Tahrir Square tents

Syria’s Assad decrees multi-party system 
US says Syria dead ‘exceed 2,000’ 
Activists dismiss Syria reforms 
Little cheer in Syria as Ramadan begins 
NYTimes: Death Toll Is Said to Double in Center of Syrian Revolt 
‘Syrian tanks shell restive city of Hama’ 
Syria unrest: UN condemns government crackdown 
BBC: Tanks ‘advancing’ on Syrian city 
BBC video: Syria builds up offensive on Hama 
Syrian death toll rises in crackdown 
Syria deaths continue as UN considers condemnation 
Syrian tanks renew attack on Hama 
Syria regime launches new attacks on Hama, other restive cities 
Fresh Syria violence mars Ramadan 
1982: Syria’s President Hafez al-Assad crushes rebellion in Hama 
Hama Residents Defiant as Siege Tightens 
BBC VIDEO: Condemnation grows over Syria violence: 
Syria violence: Hague calls for ‘stronger international pressure’ on Assad 
Deadly Syrian crackdown continues 
Syria forces escalate attacks on protesters 
Syria: 100 die in crackdown as Assad sends in his tanks 
US condemns ‘brutal’ Syria attack 
RT @Reuters: Death toll in Hama tank assault rises to 80: Sawasiah 
‘Scores dead’ as Syrian tanks storm Hama city 
Syrian tanks shell restive oil hub 
VIDEO: Syrians call for Assad to resign 
Deaths in Syria mass protests 
Syria erupts in fresh Friday violence 
Syrian troops ‘kill and arrest dissidents’

BBC: Gaddafi forces ‘control Zlitan’ 
Gaddafi forces launch counter-assault near Zlitan 
Resignation sets in for Libya rebels 
NYTimes: Libya Allying With Islamists, Qaddafi Son Says 
Libya migrants found dead on boat 
Hama attacked by Syrian tanks for second day – video 
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi appears defiant on Libyan TV – video 
Western allies move cautiously on Libyan assets 
Libya rebels to probe commander’s killing 
VIDEO: Mystery over Libyan rebel’s death 
Libyan rebels under increasing strain after attack on ‘renegades’ in Benghazi 
Nato air strike targets Libyan TV

Gen Abdel Fatah Younis obituary 
Fractured front for Libyan rebels. 
Profile: Abdul Fatah Younis – Libya’s rebel general 
Libyan rebels confirm Younes arrest warrant 
Libyan rebel soldiers killed Younis 
Libyan rebels fear rift after death of Abdel Fatah Younis 
Mystery over Libyan rebel chief’s death 
Controversies over Younis assassination in Libya

Afghan In Police Uniform Kills NATO Soldier 
109 Afghan army personnel killed in one month: 
Four Guards Reported Killed In North Afghanistan Attack Official: 3 Dead In Suicide Bomb At Hotel: A provincial spokesman said that after the attacker detonated hi… 
Suicide bomber kills 10 Afghan officers, 1 child outside police headquarters 
NYTimes: Attack on a Patrol in Afghanistan Kills Seven 
Civilians killed in Afghan roadside bombings 
Roadside Bomb Kills At Least 18 In Afghanistan

Iraqi leaders agree to discuss US troop stay 
Iraq To Negotiate On U.S. Troop Presence 
Mullen Says Troops Must Have Legal Immunity To Stay In Iraq 
Iraq, U.S. to discuss extended stay for troops 
Delay On Iraq Decision Threatens Smooth Withdrawal Still Open To Iraqi Request For Military Presence After 2011

Deadly bombings in western Iraq 
Catholic Minority Target Of Three Car Bombs In Northern Iraq 
Car Bomb Attack Targets Church In Northern Iraq, Injures 14 
NYTimes: U.S. Report Finds Security Deteriorating in Iraq 
RT @nprnews: Report: Iraq Deadlier Now Than A Year Ago

Iraqi Prime Minister Cancels More Than 10 Ministries 
Iraqi Parliament hosts Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki

No let-up in Karachi violence 
Gunmen kill Shia passengers in Pakistan

DOD Identifies Army Casualty 
DOD Identifies Marine Casualties 
DOD Identifies Marine Casualty 
DOD Identifies Army Casualty 
DOD Identifies Army Casualty 
DOD Identifies Army Casualties

US judge allows army veteran to sue Rumsfeld 
Iraq contractor can sue Rumsfeld

F16 fighters to help Iraq halt borders transgressions, State of Law MP 
Iraq PM Maliki says he wants to buy 36 F-16 fighter jets from U.S. – @Reuters

Chilcot to ‘heavily criticise’ Tony Blair over Iraq war 
Panetta says more defense spending reductions could damage national security. 
Pentagon to monitor social networking sites for threats 
Thousands protest in Yemen amidst tensions 
Jordan Convicts Mentor of Iraq’s Al Qaeda Chief 
Yemen government airstrikes kill allies 
Protesters reject Bahrain dialogue results 
Tunisian court sentences Ben Ali in absentia

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